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Riimikko has a wide range of different kinds of dollhouse miniatures from more expensive German furniture to more affordable products from far east.

We sell miniatures for example from Vega, Streets Ahead, Bodo Hennig/NIC and Reutter Porcelaine.

You can look at products on their own pages also and if you have any wishes you can send us email at lelukauppa@riimikko.fi.

If you have any questions, you can call to Linda on number: 041 5063067

The scale on miniatures is the most common (=1:12) and they are compatible with the dollhouses we sell.

You can also buy these miniatures in our shop in Välikatu 8 because the storage is there. You can also find lots of other miniatures in the shop you can´t find in the netshop

29805 sininen amme
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11,90 €
29527 Sinipaitainen mies
More details 
8,80 €
29528 Nainen kylpytakissa
More details 
7,70 €
wc-paperi ja teline
More details 
2,20 €
DF264 olohuonesetti, kukallinen
More details 
39,00 €
2941 Punainen hella
More details 
9,00 €
   Stock amount
DF946 Makuuhuonesetti
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49,00 €
   Stock amount
Pöytälamppu, LED
More details 
17,40 €
Lampetti, LED
More details 
24,00 €
FA001007 lampetti
More details 
10,00 €
DE360 kattokruunu LED
More details 
36,00 €
DF163 tuoli, puunvärinen
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4,00 €
   Stock amount
DE324 Tiffany kattolamppu, LED
More details 
17,70 €
DF   Makuuhuonesetti, valkea
More details 
33,00 €
   Stock amount
99630 Hedelmät kulhossa
More details 
5,60 €
70939 lasit 4 kpl
More details 
3,20 €

All common bank and credit cards are accepted.

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