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'Old fashion' metallic pedal cars from Riimikko with 33 years experience.  These Baghera- and Hamburg-mark pedal cars can be used inside and outside.
If you take pedals away, small kids can use the car at learning to walk. Bigger children may use the car as a hill down driving car

These cars can be used as a decorating element too. Or as a nostalgic present for older persons. In this case, we succest you to buy 3 name stickers or a personal registeration sign.
These can be ordered from here


Baghera pedal car, Monaco/Goldini

Gorgeous Baghera- Monaco tai Baghera-Goldini pedal car for children of  3-6 years. These colorful, metallic, 1930's rally cars are excellent for childrens rooms decoration too.

220,00 €
   Stock amount
Pedal car Baghera Deauville

Gorgeous Baghera-Legend is a classic beauty, a pedal car for children of 3-6 years. This metallic, 2-color, 1930's high society model suits well for children's room decoration too.

250,00 €
   Stock amount
Baghera LeMans/Polide-pedal car

Baghera pedal car is sold by name LeMans too

250,00 €
   Stock amount
Metallic pedal car

These pedal cars are red, green or white.

Remark the small diferences between models.

You may 'tune' the pedal car sold from us by name stickes. Those can be found at the pages 'Stickes for metal cars'.

149,00 €
   Stock amount
Metallic pedal car big red

Tässä polkuautossa istuintila on 15 cm pidempi, joten vähän isompikin lapsi mahtuu polkemaan.

Tätä saa vain punaisena.

178,00 €
   Stock amount
Metallic pedal car fire engine

Tämä rekka sisältää oikean paloauton tärkeimmät työkalut, paloletkun, kaksi irroitettavaa puutikkainta sekä hälytyskellon.

188,00 €
   Stock amount
Baghera pedal car, Legend black

A stunning Baghera pedal car for 3-6 years old boys and girls.

250,00 €
   Stock amount

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