How we started

This story started by a dream.

One night, Riitta sew a dream, that she stood in a small toy shop behind the disk.
It was just a dream, but  so meaningfull, that we have to make tru.

In one cold evening in January 1986 Riitta ja Mikko walked at the street of Välikatu, in the old city of Porvoo.

Mikko regognized that there was a black smith shop closed  .... Windows were broken, a door was half open and birds could fly in and out. On the floor there was  70 cm ice. The walls were sooty and half burned.

Then started our 3 months long desperate work in minus 30 degree cold weather.

In april 1986 the shop opened.



How we started
The idea of our net shop


All common bank and credit cards are accepted.

We are using Paytrail services.

Toyshop Riimikko
Toyshop Riimikko
Välikatu 8
FI-06100, Porvoo City
tel. +358 19 52 45 711
tel. +358 45 133 7675
Business ID: FI0628881-8